Epson printer error - An ink pad needs Service

Did you buy an Epson printer and do you think you have it forever? Epson inkjet printers have a counter that quietly counts down and locks the printer at the least convenient time.

I have Epson XP-510 printer for about four years and claim to have printed about 4500 pages. I have replaced the ink tanks about six times. Now the printer said Error 11 – An ink pad needs Service, contact Epson

Error 11

An ink pad needs Service, contact Epson

espon printer error 11

Problem analysis

How does an inkjet printer work? The printer is based on a nozzle head that sprays ink droplets onto the paper. Above it are ink cartridges. When the printer is standing for a while, the nozzles will dry and need to be flushed. What? Of course, ink. And the ink has to end somewhere. So under the headland parking lot, there is a splash ink container.

It is a plastic tray of about 1.5 dl. The lower half is filled with a sponge that has splashed ink. Of course, it is advisable that the sponge does not soak to 100%, because then the tray would start to fill with liquid ink and when the printer tilts, this black-black liquid would leak onto the furniture and no one would clean it up. Epson quite simply made sure it didn’t happen.

There is a counter in the printer that shows how many times the header has been cleaned. Whether automatically or by calling a cleaning procedure. When the counter counts up to 100% and the printer thinks the sponge could be full, we just make a mistake and print. Do you need to print your diploma by morning, because tomorrow is the final day for submission? Bad luck, Epson has decided and you will do nothing.

How reset printer counter

You need send snmp packets to your printer. In linux distribution you need snmpget program. ON debian distro you can install it with apt-get install snmp.

You can download for windows users net-snmp from sourceforge, or directly here

You need ip address of your printer and type to your command line:

snmpget -Oa -v1 -c public $printer_ip

$printer_ip is ip address of your ink printer

espon printer web interface after counter reset

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